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General Information for Introductory Rider Division

This category was created to allow people who are new to dressage the opportunity to compete with peers. In ECRDA, an Introductory rider is one who has not shown in any open dressage class. Please note that this definition may be different in other organizations.

  • The show season runs from November 15 of the previous year through November 14 of the present year.
  • Any individual who has not competed in an open dressage test can elect to show as a Introductory in ECRDA. Once an Introductory rider competes in any open class at any dressage competition, they are then ineligible to enter future Introductory classes. Once a year-end championship is won at the Introductory level, the rider then must move up to the next level.
  • Introductory riders may only qualify for Introductory rider awards and are not eligible for any other awards.
  • A Introductory rider may choose at any time to advance to open status. Only then can he/she compete for open division awards. Introductory scores, up to that point, will be counted for Introductory high score awards. Once a rider has advanced, he/she cannot drop back and compete in the Introductory division again.
  • Riders must be current ECRDA members at the time of showing for the scores to count for any of the Introductory rider division awards.
  • Two levels in Introductory rider will be offered: Introductory Walk/Trot (USDF Tests A and B) and Introductory Walk/Trot/Canter (UDDF Test C and Training Level Test 1)
  • All shows will be governed by ECRDA rules. Should a discrepancy occur, USEF/USAE rules will be reviewed and a final decision will be voted on by the current ECRDA Executive Board.
  • All other requirements are explained in "General Information for Dressage Competitions" and "Rules for Dressage High Score Awards", and will be strictly adhered to.
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