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Rules for Dressage High Score Award

  • The show season runs until November 14. Shows on or after November 15 will be included in the following year's results.
  • For scores to count towards ECRDA year-end awards, riders must be ECRDA members at the time of the showing. Only ECRDA sanctioned shows will count towards ECRDA year-end awards. No scores will count towards year-end awards until all outstanding monies owed ECRDA are paid in full.
  • Each individual is responsible for checking the accuracy of all tests. Check tests immediately upon receipt. No Changes in Scores Can Be Made After the Close of That Show.
  • To qualify for a year end high score award, horse-rider combinations must have at least three scores from three different judges from three different show dates. The MEDIAN of these three scores will be used to rank the horse-rider combinations at each level. A prerequisite of one score of 55% or higher from the highest test at that level must be ridden.
  • The exception will be FEI riders who need 2 scores from 2 different judges at 2 different shows. The average of the scores will be considered.
  • There will be awards for all JR/YR and SR divisions - Training, First, and Second Levels will be split for riders who have shown Third Level and above and those who have shown Second Level and below. Western Dressage awards will also be awarded.
  • Horse/rider combinations that have won a year-end championship at Starter thru Fourth Levels cannot compete for a high score award again at that level with the same horse/rider combination. F.E.I. Champions may compete again at the same level.
  • The Starter Rider Walk-Trot Junior and Starter Rider Walk-Trot-Canter Junior divisions will be divided into Juniors 12 and under in age; and those juniors 13 years of age and older.
    • If a rider/horse combination has won the championship at that level that rider/horse combination may still compete for year-end awards providing that they did not win the year-end championship award for that level. If a rider/horse combination has won a year end award at a level but that same combination did not win the year end championship at the same level they can enter the championship.
    • If a rider/horse combination enters both the ECRDA Championship Show and the ECRDA Open Show both the score will count towards year-end awards. Even though both scores count the rider/horse combination still needs three different showsgrounds from three different judges.
  • By popular request, there will be a new division offered for year end awards: Caprilli!! More information to come.
  • Achievement ribbons will be awarded to Horse-Rider combinations receiving a score of 60% or higher on at least one test at any level if they have not won a year-end award.
  • It is not necessary to submit scores. They will be computed during the year, however, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR CONFIRMING YOUR YEAR-END SCORES no later than November 5th by emailing Dr. Iris Biely at Rankings and medians will be posted on the website and in the newsletter shortly after November 5th. Riders will have 10 days to report any discrepancies or spelling errors. All results are final 10 days after posting.
  • All scores and/or questions are to be addressed to the Year-End Awards Chairperson.
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