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E.C.R.D.A Adult Dressage Teams

Depending on the interest of available riders, ECRDA occasionally participates in the USDF Region 1 Adult Team Championships. USDF Group Member Organizations (GMOs) are encouraged to send teams at any level. In general, ECRDA rules for the Adult Dressage Teams are as follows:

  • Opened to all adult ECRDA members.
  • A team will consist of 3 or 4 riders and 1 or 2 alternates, plus a chef d'equipe. Selections will be made on horse/rider combinations.
  • Teams may be fielded at any level from Training through F.E.I. Some competitions offer opportunities for USDF Intro level teams, at the discretion of the host GMO.
  • Riders may apply for up to two teams on separate horses.
  • The horse/rider team may not, at any time, have competed more than two levels above that for which the application is being made
  • All applicants for the teams must have been ECRDA members at the time the qualifying scores were earned.
  • It is recommended that qualifying scores be earned in at least 3 shows under 3 different judges; more are encouraged. Qualifying scores may be earned from July 1 of the previous year through July 15 of the current year. Qualifying dates subject to change as the date of the Regional competition changes each year.
  • Scores may be earned at ECRDA sanctioned schooling shows or USEF/USDF recognized shows, but riders MUST BE members at the time qualifying scores are earned.
  • Qualifying classes are the 2 highest tests of each level - Training through Fourth and any F.E.I test.
  • Minimum scores required: 62% at Training Level; 60% at First and Second Levels, and 55% for Third Level and above.
  • Riders are responsible for submitting their own scores! All scores submitted will be averaged for each horse/rider combination. The averages will be ranked to select team members.
  • All candidates, or their representative (family member or friend) must have volunteered at a minimum of 2 different ECRDA show grounds for a total of at least 8 hours.
  • Each team will also provide a representative to volunteer a total of 8 hours during the weekend of the actual team competition.
  • ECRDA will host some fund raising activities to help offset individual expenses for this competition. If you would like to help with fundraising, you may contact the Membership Chair.
  • ECRDA rules may be superceeded by the rules of the host organization each year.
  • Final decision will be at the discretion of the Executive Board.