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Western Dressage Journey Award
The Western Dressage “Journey Award “ is being provided to award pursuit of excellence in the sport of Western Dressage. This custom made buckle has been provided by an anonymous donor again this year, to support increased participation in the sport of western dressage in NJ. The motto of the Western Dressage Association of America is “it’s about the journey”. After consultation with WDAA, it was decided to name this the ECRDA Journey Award. This buckle will be awarded to the western dressage horse and rider team with the highest average score of 6 tests. Submitted scores must be from at least 3 different ECRDA shows (dates) and at least 3 different judges. Tests can be from any level and levels could be combined if a rider moves up during the season. Musical Freestyle included. Examples: (6 basic), (4 intro +2 basic =6) Good luck to all competitors. The picture is of the 2023 Journey Award winner, Mary Kay Erickson and Mitos Hot Investment.

2023 Journey Award

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