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E.C.R.D.A Sanctioning Requirements

  • The show must be sanctioned at least 60 days prior to the date of competition so it can be publicized in the newsletter at least 1 month prior to the show.
  • All shows must be run according to ECRDA Rules
  • Call Competition Coordinator to get a date, find out how to get into the newsletter, and find out where to send the results.

Arena Requirements

  • Must be 20m X 40m for small arena; 20m X 60m for large arena
  • Size and footing must be printed in newsletter and prize list
  • Footing should be suitable to the season
  • All USDF Tests, Training Level Tests, and First Level Tests 1 and 2 may be ridden in either a large or small arena. All other tests must be in large arena unless otherwise specified on the test sheet.
  • Fence enclosure should be about 12" high.
  • Letters should be clearly marked and easily visible to the rider.
  • Arena should have adequate space to ride around the perimeter.
  • Spectators should be kept at least 10' away from the arena area.

Warm-Up Requirements

  • Footing must be suitable to season.
  • Warm-up area must be of adequate size and safe.

Parking Requirements

  • Parking area must be of adequate size and safe.


  • Must be certified USEF licensed judges or a USDF "L" graduate.
  • USDF "L" judge may judge through Fourth Level.
  • USEF "r" can judge through F.E.I Level.
  • USEF "R" judge can judge through F.E.I Level.
  • USEF "S" judge can judge through F.E.I Level.
  • Judges must be 12 to 16 feet from the C end of the arena.

Bits, Tack, and Proper Attire

  • May be checked
  • infractions will result in the ride being labeled "HC"

Organizer and Secretary of Show

  • Either organizer or secretary must be an ECRDA member
  • Organizer must be a named individual


  • Are to be calculated to 3 decimal places
  • Are to be sent to both the Newsletter Editor and the Web Site Editor WITHIN TWO WEEKS OF THE SHOW


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