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General Information for Lead Line Division

ECRDA offers a Lead Line Division to give an opportunity for our young juniors to participate in the sport of dressage with a little assistance. Like the higher levels of dressage, we designed Lead Line "tests". We encourage show organizers to offer these tests at any ECRDA-sanctioned show.

Leader must be 16 years or older to lead the horse and rider combination. The first Lead Line test is Walk Only. The second test is Walk and Trot and requires the rider to post. We also offer two year-end awards, one for Lead Line Walk, one for Lead Line Walk Trot. Only the ECRDA Lead Line tests will count for ECRDA Year-End Awards.

Like the Starter Rider Division, once a rider wins a year-end championship at Lead Line Walk, the rider must move up to Lead Line Walk Trot. After winning a year-end championship at Lead Line Walk Trot, the rider must move up to Starter.

Like other divisions, for year end awards, Lead Line riders must compete at three or more shows, under at least 3 different judges. Riders will be ranked on the median of their 3 highest scores in the Lead Line Walk or Walk Trot division.

For scores to count towards year end awards, riders need to be ECRDA members at the time scores are earned. Those assistants holding the lead line are not required to be members.

Assistants holding the lead line are not required to wear show attire but are encouraged to dress conservatively while in the show ring.

Below are links to files for the two lead line tests. After entering down the centerline, both the Walk test and the Walk Trot test utilize only a 20 meter square. Each file contains directions for both a small arena and large arena.

ECRDA Lead Line Walk Test

ECRDA Lead Line Walk Trot Test

ECRDA gives permission to photocopy these tests for use in any ECRDA-sanctioned show.


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