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E.C.R.D.A Championship Show

The ECRDA Dressage Championship Show is held in the fall. The exact date, the location, and the prize list will be published in the ECRDA Newsletter.

Qualifications are as follows:

  • Open to ECRDA members who have shown in at least 1 ECRDA sanctioned schooling dressage show in the 12 months preceeding the closing date of the Championship show. Rider must be a member at the time the score is obtained.
  • Rider and Horse qualify as a combination - no substitute horse or rider is allowed. A horse/rider combination may qualify at multiple levels, but may only compete at 1 level at the Championship Show.
  • The Championship is open to Starter Riders and Starter Horses.
  • The following minimum percentages must have been received in any test at any 1 level at any one show: Starter thru Second Level including Musical Freestyle and Quadrille = 60%; Third Level and Above including Musical Freestyle and Quadrille = 58%
  • The 2 highest tests in the level are to be ridden in the Championship Show. Scores will be averaged to arrive at a final score. The exception would be Fourth Level and F.E.I tests where only one test is ridden.
  • USEF/USDF Recognized shows DO NOT count
  • Riders may have a reader for the ECRDA Championship Show.
  • Whips of regulation length will be permitted in the ECRDA Championship Show.
  • NO ONE other the the competitor may ride the horse at any time. The only exception to this rule would be if the horse were being shown by more than one competitor.
  • Horse/rider combinations who win a championship at the Championship Show may not enter the Championship Show at the same level the following year.
  • USEF/USDF Rules will govern the show with exception to those rules mentioned above.
  • For questions about qualifying, call the Year-End Awards Chairperson.