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Congratulations to all for a great year !!!

Here are the Final standings for the 2013 ECRDA Year End Awards.
High Score Awards, Medals and 60% Achievement Ribbons are listed below.

The Year End Awards Banquet will be held on Saturday January 11th at Cater 2 U in Mount Laurel. Complete year end packets will be mailed to everyone early in December.


Starter Horse JR/YR
Walk Trot

Taylor Shelhimer Gonna Getcha Champion


Julia Bintliff Contango Reserve Champion 70.625
Nena Marquis Valentine Third 70.312
Serena Ceylan Michael's Destiny Fourth 70.000
Serena Ceylan Cudjo Fifth 66.250
Laura O'Neill Hold On Till May Sixth 63.438

Starter Horse SR
Walk Trot


Melissa Smith

True Gold Champion 75.625
Jessica Sagui Michael's Destiny Reserve Champion 73.125
Nicole McKinley
Silver Lining
Sharon Dascenzo
One Fancy Zip
Erin Sembler
Denise Kalfayan Jackpot Sixth



Starter Horse SR
Walk Trot Canter


Marcee Puccio

Miss Hollywood Champion 73.000

Starter Rider JR/YR
Walk Trot

Samantha Puccio Serendipity Champion 67.813
Natalie Katrisiosis Doogie Champion 67.813
Gianna Fernandez Gordon Reserve Champion 67.188
Kathleen DeGenova Baberry's Hotrod Third 66.875
Jessica Brindle-Clark Cycloptic Dilemma Third 66.875
Killian Clark K's Malley O'Keefe Fourth 65.313
Kerry Hennessy Dakotah Fourth 65.313
Starter Rider SR
Walk Trot

Meryl Evangelisti Princess Ghanima Champion 77.188
Bridget Temme-Soifer Chloe Mae Reserve Champion 75.000
Eileen Petruch Ghravity Third 74.063
George Hellyer Lance Fourth 70.000

Starter Rider JR/YR
Walk Trot Canter

Amber Henderson Midsumer Night's Dream Champion 71.250
Leah Mahon Back in Purple Reserve Champion 64.500
Killian Clark K's Malley O'Keefe Third 64.000
Kim Caputo Meant To Be Fourth 62.000
Raegan Pietruszki Cotton Eye Joe Fifth 61.250
Starter Rider SR
Walk Trot Canter
Jan Hill Dante Champion 63.000

Training Level JR/YR

Brianna Gonzalez Heaven Sent Champion 70.625
Nikki Charles Tuscan Reserve Champion 67.600
Natalie Cribbin Diamond In The Rough Third 67.500
Brielle Ebner Buddy Fourth 66.250
Jenny Carpenter My Perfect Storm Fifth 65.800
Lisa Mauriello Easy Refinement Sixth 61.042
Sela Lerner Decorative Illusion Seventh 57.000

Training Level SR

Melissa Tomasello Chloe Champion 71.104
Colleen O'Brien Deo Adiuvante Reserve Champion 69.286
Melanie Smith Flash of Elegance Third 69.200
Joelle Rybakowski Chips Ahoy WH Fourth 68.200
Barbara Frayman Happy Go Lucky Fifth 67.800
Lori Farace Perfectly Buff Sixth 65.000
Susan Helm Snickers Sixth 65.000
Jennifer DeGenova Hortensia MC Seventh 64.583
Tracy Brennan Indian Summer Eighth 63.000
Nicole Ivins Silver Lining Ninth 62.800
Kathy Taler JR Tenth 58.800
Training Level SR Musical Freestyle      
Susan Helm Snickers Champion 64.333
Training Level SR
Ridden Above 2nd Level

Jessica Sagui Midsummer Night's Dream Champion 72.000
Nicole Rettino-Lambert Kosmic Karma Reserve Champion 63.000

First Level JR/YR

Lisa Mauriello Crossfires Dessert Rose Champion 66.897
Morgan Lubner Fein Jewel Reserve Champion 66.290

First Level SR

Toni Davis Dare to Dream Champion 67.903
Joyce Wilkins PR's Promise Airy Note Reserve Champion 65.690
Lisa Toaldo Bentley


First Level SR Musical Freestyle      
Lisa Toaldo Bentley Champion 69.167
First Level SR Having Shown Above 2nd Level
Iris Biely Kosmic Karma Champion 75.517
Nancy Vine Wild Memory Reserve Champion 71.034
Sophia Ujhelyi Riley Third 65.403
Second Level JR      
Alexa DiCiurcio Sundance Champion 66.974
Alexa DiCiurcio Fancy Delray Reserve Champion 65.921
Second Level SR      

Tracey Wilson

Denali Champion 68.000
Guilene Mallard MGR Prodigy Reserve Champion 65.526
Second Level SR Having Shown Above 2nd Level      
Iris Biely Don Cooper MF Champion 73.714
George Rickabaugh PR's Promise Airy Note Reserve Champion 66.190
George Rickabaugh Mystical Magic Third 65.429
Leslie Savage Photo Image Fourth 64.571
Carolyn Montgomery Kenzo Fifth 60.790

Third Level SR

Sharon Lutgen Bonjour Champion 66.053
Henry Holbrook Better Than Gold Reserve Champion 62.237
Nancy Vine MVR Midnight Angel Third 61.154
Nancy Vine Sable Beedazzled Fourth 60.128
Nicole Rettino-Lambert Irish Lore Fifth 59.615
Jessica Sagui The Toolman Sixth 57.895
Fourth Level JR      
Alexis Tozour Hollywood Star Champion 58.625
Fourth Level SR      

Iris Biely

Paradox Champion 70.135
Prix St. Georges SR      

Iris Biely

Randolf Scott Champion 64.079
George Rickabaugh Paradox Reserve Champion 60.790
Leslie Savage Inspiration Third 57.632
Intermediare I SR      
Iris Biely Randolf Scott Champion 62.303
Samantha Hodgson Sure Is Bright Champion 62.303
Leslie Savage Inspiration Reserve Champion 55.329
Grand Prix SR      
Samantha Hodgson Bey Moon Zela Champion 62.819


2013 ECRDA Bronze Medals

Julia Bintliff
Brianna Gonzalez
Jenny Carpenter
Colleen O'Brien
Nikki Charles
Melissa Tomasello



Nicole Ivins
Tracey Wilson


2013 ECRDA 60% Achievement Awards

Kathy Adams / Hoover Denise Hennessy / Ranch L Rubi Sweet Cappuccino
Iris Biely / Panda Megan Inglis / Serendipity
Julia Bintliff / Doogie Nicole Ivins / Dartanian

Peggi Carlsen / Pink Gin

Jaime Kelly / Controlled Chaos

Serena Ceylan / Son of a Bull

Lyn Langford / Freckles Echos
Colleen Curtin / Rocket Man Kim Magarici / Mr. November
Maryann Curtin / Native's Bugle Boy Kim Mullins / Cordiaan
Toni Davis / Chevalier Kim Mullins / My Last Hurrah
Toni Davis / Hortensia MC Alexis Tozour / Ferrari

Jen DeGenova / I'm Good As Gold Too

Alexis Tozour / Don't Blink
Gina Fagliarone / Wap Fwip Fwap Sophia Ujhelyi / Every Equine Marguerite
Gianna Fernandez / Scout  

Kristin Giordano / Kammander-In-Chief

Karen Van Ness / Bonanza
Catalina Gonzalez / Dance of Jewels Barbara Whittaker / Duel of Brass