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Congratulations to all for a great year !!!

Here are the final standings for the 2011 ECRDA Year End Awards.

The Year End Awards Banquet will be held on January 13th at Carlucci's Waterfront in Mount Laurel. Complete year end packets have been mailed to everyone. If you need an additional reservation form, click here.


Lead Line Walk
Devon Buchanan Cherrie Blossom Champion 73.750
Lead Line Walk Trot      
Devon Buchanan Cherrie Blossom Champion 74.100
Starter Horse JR/YR
Walk Trot

Kirsten Souder Miss Yoshi Champion 73.750
Kristen Tracey Stuck On You Reserve Champion 70.625
Nicole Pagliuso Classical Debut Third 62.500

Starter Horse SR
Walk Trot


Jessica Sagui

Midsummer Night's Dream Champion 73.125
Lillian Schroer Clover Reserve Champion 70.625
Debbie Pharo
Red Sugar Candy
Stephanie Buchanan
Man of Honor
Ellen Brindle-Clark
Cycloptic Dilemma
Lyn Langford Freckles Fifth 60.000

Starter Horse JR/YR
Walk Trot Canter

Nicole Pagliuso Classical Debut Champion 66.000
Morgan Lubner Fein Jewel Reserve Champion 64.167

Starter Horse SR
Walk Trot Canter


Iris Biely

Good Knight Champion 70.833
Jessica Sagui Midsummer Night's Dream Reserve Champion 64.167

Starter Rider JR/YR
Walk Trot

Natalie Cribbin Just Do It Champion 71.250
Jessica Brindle-Clark Cycloptic Dilemma Reserve Champion 66.875
Ariana Date Tenoru Third - tie 65.625
Brianna Warner Son of a Bull Third - tie 65.625
Sela Lerner Patchamo Third - tie 65.625
Brielle Ebner Buddy Fourth 64.375
Starter Rider SR
Walk Trot

Joyce Wilkins PR's Promise-Airy Note Champion 77.500
Kathleen Taler JR Reserve Champion 66.250
Jennifer DeGenova I'm Good As Good As Gold Too Third 63.750
Meryl Evangelisti Princess Ghanima Fourth - tie 63.125
Peggi Carlsen Pink Gin Fourth - tie 63.125

Starter Rider JR/YR
Walk Trot Canter

Morgan Lubner Tiziano Champion 68.750
Natalie Cribbin Just Do It Reserve Champion 61.250
Nicole Domenico Zundora ND Third 60.417
Starter Rider SR
Walk Trot Canter
Elis Priori Marcus Aurelius Champion 72.000
Joyce Wilkins PR's Promise-Airy Note Reserve Champion 71.667
Lyn Gallagher Catcha Star Third 64.500
JoEllen Holberg Viggy Fourth 63.913

Training Level JR/YR

Ashley Rickabaugh Mystical Magic Champion 75.833
Clare Gallogly Valvert Reserve Champion 72.857
Sophia Calve Thor Third 71.786
Ashley Rickabaugh Knight Watch Fourth 70.833
Gina Fagliarone Dreamberri Bey+ Fifth 70.714
Alexa DiCiurcio Sundance Sixth - tie 67.200
Casey Regalbuto Brazen Sixth - tie 67.200
Kirsten Souder Sweet Emotion Seventh 67.143
Gabrielle Ciccone Bojangles Eighth 66.430
Laura Boyce License To Thrill Ninth 66.000
Alexa DiCiurcio Fancy Delray Tenth 64.000
Julia Bintliff Doogie Eleventh 63.929

Training Level SR

Joelle Rybakowski Henani Champion 72.500
Carolyn Montgomery Kenzo Reserve Champion 71.071
Tracey Wilson Denali Third 69.600
Kristen Swenson Genuine Gold Fourth 68.800

Melissa Tomasello

Majik Moment Fifth 67.143
Nicole McKinley Serendipity Sixth 65.600
Sara Simon Patchamo Seventh 65.357
Barbara Whittaker Duel of Brass Eighth 65.200
Melanie Smith Serendyn Ninth 64.400
Susan Helm Snickers Tenth 63.200
Lori Farace Catch a Dream Eleventh 61.790
Kim Sakevich Wistful Twelfth 60.714
Training Level JR
Pas de Deux
Gina Fagliarone & Laura Boyce Dreamberri Bey+ & Sacchi+ Champion 78.500
Training Level SR
Ridden Above 2nd level

Iris Biely Don Cooper Champion 79.286
Sharon Lutgen Bonjour Reserve Champion 72.000

First Level JR/YR

Alexa DiCiurcio Sundance Champion 68.065
Laura Boyce Sacchi+ Reserve Champion 63.226

First Level SR

Jessica Sagui The Toolman Champion 69.032
Carolyn Montgomery Kenzo Reserve Champion 68.379
Nancy Vine MVR Midnight Angel


Tracey Wilson Denali Fourth 67.097
Nancy Vine Wild Memory Fifth 62.759
Stephanie Mason All Jazz'd up Sixth 62.581
Nicole McKinley Serendipity Seventh 60.690
Tonya Spitzer Bandit's Prodigy Eighth 58.919
First Level SR Musical Freestyle      
Nicole Rettino Irish Lore Champion 64.500
First Level Pas de Deux      
Jessica Sagui & Ashley Rickabaugh The Toolman & Photo Image Champion 77.000
First Level SR Having Shown Above 2nd Level
Sharon Lutgen Bonjour Champion 67.931
Second Level JR      
Ashley Rickabaugh Paradox Champion 67.143
Ashley Rickabaugh Photo Image Reserve Champion 62.857
Second Level SR      

Lori DiSanti

Probably Not Champion 65.530
Kathy Mastragostino Ambidextrous Reserve Champion 63.421
Nancy Vine Sable Beedazzled Third 63.333
Jessica Sagui Inspiration Fourth 62.381
Second Level SR Having Shown Above 2nd Level      
George Rickabaugh Photo Image Champion 72.571

Third Level SR


George Rickabaugh

Paradox Champion 70.263
Leslie Savage Inspiration Reserve Champion 60.000
Fourth Level SR      

Iris Biely

Randolf Scott Champion 70.81
Prix St. Georges SR      

Iris Biely

Randolf Scott Champion 64.747
Grand Prix SR      
Samantha Hodgson Bey Moon Zela Champion 62.336


2011 ECRDA Bronze Medals

Gail Bott
Sophia Calve
Alexa DiCiurcio
Gina Fagliarone
Sue Helm
Carolyn Montgomery
Joelle Rybakowski
Kirsten Souder
Kristen Swenson
Tracey Wilson



Lori DiSanti
Ashley Rickabaugh
Jessica Sagui
Nancy Vine


2011 ECRDA 60% Achievement Awards

Kristen Boisvert / Cupid's Arrow Kathy Nelson / Liberal Media
Gail Bott / Koraal Debbie Pharo / Zaaike
Devon Buchanan / My Little Buddy Rachel Shaw / Just Passing Through
Hunter Buchanan / Cherrie Blossom Rachel Shaw / Snickers
Serena Ceylan / Son of a Bull Sabrina Shawlis / Camille
Colleen Curtin / Rose Royce Sabrina Shawlis / Classical Debut
Brooke DeJohn / My Fair Lady Sabrina Shawlis / Maggie Mae
Barbara Frayman / Moonlight Serenade Sabrina Shawlis / My Valentine
Samantha Hodgson / Blue Sabrina Shawlis / Sampson
Susan Hoffman / Lites Spicy Approval Damon Sheppard / Gala Gold County
Nicole Ivins / Firedoggie Melissa Tomasello / Clover
Amy Levine / My Little Pony Alexis Tozour / Baltic Rose
Amy Levine / Cappuccino Blast Alexis Tozour / Das Ein
Augusta Lord / Head Over Heels Alexis Tozour / DonnerChief
Linda Marciante / Equinox Chief Justice Alexis Tozour / Don't Blink
Michelle Marzoev / Absolute Dream Alexis Tozour / Ferrari
Nicole McKinley / Queen of Hearts Alexis Tozour / Hollywood Star
Karla Mertens / Boomer Cara Tozour / Liberty
Jenna Miller / Sweet Justice Brianna Warner / Tuscadora
Debra Moscatiello / Labelle Amoure Christina Whelan / Showtime Magic