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Congratulations to all for a great year !!!

Here are the preliminary standings for the 2010 ECRDA Year End Awards.

If you have any questions about the rankings or notice any needed spelling corrections, please feel free to contact Pam at before November 15th.
After November 15th all results will become final.

The Year End Awards Banquet will be held on January 14th at Carlucci's Waterfront
in Mount Laurel. Complete year end packets will be mailed to everyone early in December.


Lead Line Walk
Michael Leadbeater
Silent Magic
Devon Buchanan Twinkle Toes Reserve Champion 63.750
Lead Line Walk Trot      
Michael Leadbeater
Silent Magic


Devon Buchanan Cherrie Blossom Reserve Champion 65.880
Starter Horse JR/YR
Walk Trot

Ashley Rickabaugh Silent Magic Champion 72.500
Kirsten Souder Miss Yoshi Reserve Champion 69.500
Morgan Lubner Que Boy Third 66.000

Starter Horse SR
Walk Trot


Iris Biely

Don Cooper Champion 76.600
Stephanie Mason All Jazz'd Up Reserve Champion 70.000
Kathy Nelson
Liberal Media
Kim Sakevich
Stephanie Buchanan
Man of Honor
Stephanie Mason Silky Jazzman Sixth 58.000

Starter Horse JR/YR
Walk Trot Canter

Ashley Rickabaugh Silent Magic Champion 71.429
Augusta Lord Head Over Heels Reserve Champion 69.643
Julia Bintliff Doogie Third 68.696
Kris Tracey Pink Gin Fourth 62.857

Starter Horse SR
Walk Trot Canter


Stephanie Mason

All Jazz'd Up Champion 64.246
Lyn Gallagher Catcha Star Reserve Champion 61.429

Starter Rider JR/YR
Walk Trot

Serena Ceylan Son of a Bull Champion 67.500
Gabrielle Ciccone BoJangles Reserve Champion 66.000
Sela Lerner Dancing Star Third 64.000
Serena Ceylan Firedoggie Fourth - tie 63.000
Steven Giuffrida Maximus Fourth - tie 63.000
Jessica Brindle-Clark Ticket to Conclusion Fifth 61.000
Starter Rider SR
Walk Trot

JoAnne McAlister Mira Valentine Champion 72.000
Lori Farace Perfectly Buff Reserve Champion 62.000
Nicole Engert Pink Gin Third 59.500

Starter Rider JR/YR
Walk Trot Canter

Kirsten Souder Sweet Emotion Champion 69.286
Morgan Lubner Made to Order Reserve Champion 68.571
Serena Ceylan Firedoggie Third 64.348
Devon Honrychs

Lots of Dots

Fourth 64.286
Sela Lerner Dancing Star Fifth 62.500
Starter Rider SR
Walk Trot Canter
Melissa Tomasello Las Vegas Champion 67.391
Christina Whalen Showtime Magic Reserve Champion 60.870
Nicole Engert Pink Gin Third 59.130

Training Level JR/YR

Clare Gallogly Absolute Dream Champion 68.800
Kirsten Boisvert Cupid's Arrow Reserve Champion 67.200
Casey Regalbuto Brazen Third 66.000
Julia Entwistle Firedoggie Fourth 63.200

Training Level SR

Nancy Vine MVR Midnight Angel Champion 75.714
Kathy Mastragostino Ambidextrous Reserve Champion 68.000
Gail Bott Koraal Third 67.390
Nicole McKinley Serendipity Fourth 66.800

Stephanie Mack

PR's Promise-Airy Note Fifth - tie 66.000
Melanie Smith Serendyn Fifth - tie 66.000
Kristen Pagliaro Atma Sixth 65.200
Susan Helm Snickers Seventh 64.783
Kim Sakevich Sidley Eighth 64.286
Training Level SR
Musical Freestyle
Kristen Pagliaro Atma Champion 65.833
Jill Franceschini Kelty Reserve Champion 63.333
Training Level JR
Pas de Deux
Ashley Rickabaugh & Jessica Sagui Photo Image &
The Toolman
Champion 71.000

First Level JR/YR

Ashley Rickabaugh Photo Image Champion 70.667
Brielle Ramm Crease My Jeans Reserve Champion 66.667
Alyssa Giulianelli Ramere Third 65.263
Jessica Sagui The Toolman Fourth 64.333
Erin Casne Princess Maddie Fifth 62.667

First Level SR

Jennifer Rusinko Bonjour Champion 71.714
Nancy Vine Sable Beedazzled Reserve Champion 67.667
Nicole Rettino Irish Lore


First Level SR Pas de Deux      
Iris Biely & Nancy Vine MVR Midnight Angel
& Sable Beedazzled
Champion 78.000
First Level SR Having Shown Above 2nd Level
George Rickabaugh Photo Image Champion 72.333
Erin Scelba-Johnson Djinn Reserve Champion 66.842
Iris Biely Together We Can Third 66.000
Second Level SR      

Nicole Ivins

Dartanian Champion 63.784
Leslie Savage Inspiration Reserve Champion 63.243
Shell Holbrook Better Than Gold Third 61.842
Second Level SR Having Shown Above 2nd Level      
George Rickabaugh Paradox Champion 66.216
Third Level JR      
Alexis Tozour Hollywood Star Champion 61.538

Third Level SR


Iris Biely

Randolf Scott Champion 72.386
Sharon Lutgen Inspiration Reserve Champion 60.465
Fourth Level JR      
Alexis Tozour Baltic Rose Champion 61.463
Grand Prix SR      
Samantha Hodgson Bey Moon Zela Champion 61.170


2010 ECRDA Bronze Medals

Kirsten Boisvert
Clare Gallogly
Nicole McKinley
Melanie Smith



Shell Holbrook
Leslie Savage
Alexis Tozour



Alexis Tozour


2010 ECRDA 60% Achievement Awards

Sara Bagala / Bell's Classic Ace Lynette McMoran / Pavarotti
Kirby Bate / LL Designer Jenna Miller / Goodnight Moon
Iris Biely / Blythewood Doc Hollywood Jennifer Palacio / Candy Cotton
Iris Biely / Good Knight Nelson Ralls / Silent Magic
Jenny Carpenter / Ranger George Rickabaugh / Good Knight
Claudia Davis / Saam Salaam Kelsey Rudowitz / MM Macho
Lilly Deriveux / T-Bone Ryann Scelba / Kenzo
Brielle Ebner / Buddy Tara Stokes / Chill Factor
Adele Hearn / Independence Von Star Cross Tara Stokes / Top Honors
Samantha Hodgson / E.A. Helen Hannah Tabeling / T-Bone
Samantha Hodgson / Sure is Bright Alexis Tozour / Das Ein
Jan Kalafat / Extraordinaire Alexis Tozour / Donnerchief
Jane Landau / Justawee Graceful Alexis Tozour / Don't Blink
Jane Landau / Lennox Cara Tozour / Luzern
Stephanie Mack / Beam Me Up Spotty Nancy Vine / Wild Memory
Stephanie Mason / Chill Factor  
Stephanie Mason / Lori's Fiscer