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Congratulations to all for a great year !!!

Here are the final standings for the 2008 ECRDA Year End Awards.

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Lead Line Walk
Sela Lerner
Sham's Moonlight
Lead Line Walk Trot      
Carolyn Litwin
He's A Devil's Match
Sela Lerner
Sham's Moonlight
Reserve Champion
Starter Horse JR/YR
Walk Trot

Sara Bagala Beat 'Em To The Punch Champion 79.500
Sara Bagala Valeroso Reserve Champion 71.000
Kelly Weiner Simon 3rd 70.500
Alexis Tozour
Charging To Liberty

Starter Horse SR
Walk Trot


Nancy Vine

MVR Midnite Angel Champion 75.000
Kathy Magtragostino Kuba Reserve Champion 70.000
Debbie Pharo
Laurie Miller
Great & Small Trader Joe
Nicole McKinley

Starter Horse JR/YR
Walk Trot Canter

Lauren Taylor Morethan Tu Aces Champion 68.696
Sara Bagala Beat 'Em To The Punch Reserve Champion 68.517
Ashley Parento Newman On The Block 3rd 65.217
Stephanie Magram Great & Small Rocky Road 4th 62.609

Starter Horse SR
Walk Trot Canter


Elizabeth Bagala

Beat 'Em To The Punch Champion 71.071
Nicole McKinley Serendipity Reserve Champion 64.348

Starter Rider JR/YR
Walk Trot

Brielle Ramm Poetry In Motion Champion 72.000
Julia Entwistle Firedoggie Reserve Champion 71.500
Jenna Miller Great & Small Georgie 3rd 70.500
Devon Honrychs Princess Maddie 4th 69.500
Ashley Hueskan Dusty 5th 64.000
Rebecca Harlin Brown Sugar 6th 62.000
Margaret Emmet Showtime Magic 7th 61.000
Grace Ben Cinderella 8th 60.500
Starter Rider SR
Walk Trot

Liz Connelly Big Red's General Champion 73.000
Susan Helm Snickers Reserve Champion 69.000
Kae Heupfel Principle Market 3rd 64.500
Virginia Horton Bugs Peppy Pistol 4th 62.500
Carolyn Montgomery Tenoru 5th 62.000

Starter Rider JR/YR
Walk Trot Canter

Brielle Ramm Crease My Jeans Champion 71.304
Jessica Sagui The Toolman Reserve Champion 68.571
Ashley Rickabaugh Together We Can 3rd 66.522
Amy Levine Cappuccino Blast 4th 62.143
Starter Rider SR
Walk Trot Canter
Nicole Rettino Irish Lore Champion 67.391
Melissa Tomasello Majik Moment Reserve Champion 65.700
Maria Sherman Rambo 3rd 59.286

Training Level JR/YR

Sara Bagala Bell's Classic Ace Champion 72.142
Tracy Mandrona Fit To Be Tyed Reserve Champion 66.429
Casey Regalbuto Windsor


Erin Casne Princess Maddie 4th 64.400
Alyssa Giulianelli Candy Cotton 5th 64.000
Training Level JR/YRHaving Shown Above 2nd Level
Alexis Tozour Don't Blink Champion 64.000
Training Level JR/YR
Musical Freestyle

Stephen Ingram Photo Image Champion 75.417

Training Level SR

Shelley Holbrook Better Than Gold Champion 71.600
Kathy Nelson Everyone's Choice Reserve Champion 70.000
Lori DiSanti Probably Not 3rd 69.600
Nancy Vine Sable Beedazzled 4th 69.286
Emily Ingram Photo Image 5th 67.500

Kathy Nelson

Mr. Flashy Perfect 6th 65.200
Karen Van Ness Bonanza 7th 63.600
Kristen Pagliaro Atma 8th-tie 62.500
Lisa Rasmuson JDH Prestige 8th-tie 62.500
Brandi Williams Another Appeal 9th 62.174
Lori Petrone Above The Fold 10th 62.000

First Level JR/YR

Stephen Ingram Photo Image Champion 69.667

First Level SR

Leslie Savage Sweet Emotion Champion 63.714
Sara Blann-Crafts Original Concept Reserve Champion 62.222
Sarah Talpas Clues Obession 3rd 61.842

First Level SR Having Shown Above 2nd Level


Iris Furlong

Randolf Scott Champion 77.333
Iris Furlong Knight Watch Reserve Champion 68.000
Second Level SR      
Jan Kalafat Extraordinaire Champion 64.762
Rebecca Hendrix Olds Roger Rabbit Reserve Champion 63.243
Second Level SR
Musical Freestyle

Sharon Lutgen Makin' The Grade Champion 62.292
Second Level SR
Having Shown Above
2nd Level
George Rickabaugh Rusty Treasure Champion 63.947
Iris Furlong Knight Watch Reserve Champion 61.316

Third Level SR


George Rickabaugh

Inspiration Champion 67.674
Rose Marie Sinn Gershwin Reserve Champion 62.308
Fourth Level SR      
Iris Furlong Tolstoi Champion 73.902
Prix St. Georges SR
Erin Scelba-Johnson Ashiroh Champion 65.750
Iris Furlong Tolstoi Reserve Champion 65.125
Grand Prix JR/YR      
Samantha Hodgson Bey Moon Zela Champion 60.521


2008 ECRDA Bronze Medals

Erin Casne
Lori Di Santi
Shelley Holbrook
Emily Ingram
Tracy Mandrona
Kathy Nelson
Lori Petrone
Lisa Rasmuson
Brandi Williams



Jan Kalafat



Erin Scelba-Johnson


2008 ECRDA 60% Achievement Awards

Julia Bintliff / Doogie Kathy Mastragostino / Preston
Nora Brodsky / Lots of Dots Erin McNab / Haskin
Meryl Enavgelisti / My Maria D George Rickabaugh / Harlee Davidson
Michelle Gransden / Zhips First Chip Christin Sagui / Martinique
Emily Halbert / A Strange Coincidence Erin Scelba-Johnson / Lennox
Sue Halbert / Shame On The Moon Ellen Sullivan-Phillips / Gemma
Cheryl Harlin / Ticket to Conclusion Ellen Sullivan-Phillips / Meerkerk
Cheryl Harlin / Cut to the Case Lauren Taylor / Wieland O
Rachel Harlin / Cut to the Case Alexis Tozour / Baltic Rose
Adele Hearn / Independence Von Star Cross Alexis Tozour / Das Ein
Maxwell Johnson / Mama's Last Buck Alexis Tozour / My Valentine
Kirsten Lane / Koraal Elise Tucker / Sham's Moonlite
Sela Lerner / Mama's Last Buck Eileen Ward / Preston
Kelly Lupton / Riding In Style