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2013 Rules for Dressage Show Attire

Effective with the current show season, USEF relaxed the rules for attire for Level 1 dressage
competitions, allowing for colored shirts and breeches and making jackets optional. A few other
rules related to dressage attire have also been modified recently. The Executive Board of
ECRDA has voted to adopt these changes for ECRDA sanctioned schooling shows.

Below are excerpts from USEF Rule DR120 Dress outlining the new rules for attire, half-chaps,
protective headgear, cooling vests and logos. For the full text of the attire rules, please see the
USEF Rulebook, Dressage section, page 31-34 on the USEF website, www.usef.org.

5. Riders in classes and tests at all levels in Level 1 Competitions, and riders in
Opportunity classes in Level 2 and Level 3 Competitions, may compete wearing
breeches and shirts of any color as permitted in DR120.8. Jackets or vests of any
type are allowed but not required and neckwear may be worn only if the rider
chooses to compete in a riding jacket. Boots and protective headgear are required
as specified in DR120.1-6.

1. Exception: Riders through First Level may wear half-chaps, gaiters or leggings in
solid black or brown, without fringe, matching the color of their boots, and made of
smooth leather or leather-like material.

6. From the time horses are officially admitted to the competition grounds by
competition management, anyone mounted on a horse at any time on the competition
grounds, including non-competing riders, riders on non-competing horses, and
those competing in all classes and tests, including Para-Equestrian tests, must
wear protective headgear as defined by this rule and otherwise in compliance with
GR801. Any rider violating this rule at any time must immediately be prohibited
from further riding until such headgear is properly in place. Protective headgear
is defined as a riding helmet which meets or exceeds ASTM (American Society for
Testing and Materials)/SEI (Safety Equipment Institute) standards for equestrian
use and carries the SEI tag. The harness must be secured and properly fitted.

14. Cooling vests may be worn underneath a riding jacket. If coats are waived, a solid-
colored cooling or lightweight vest may be worn over a riding shirt as specified
in DR120.7.

15. When sponsorship is permitted in accordance with GR1306, the name and/or
logo of the individual’s sponsor(s) may appear on each of the two sides of jackets
or top garments at the height of breast pockets not exceeded 80 cm2 in size. Logos
described under DR121.1 are also permitted as above.

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