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ECRDA - East Coast Regional Dressge Association


Making a difference

Wow! A great way to celebrate the 25th anniversary of ECRDA! The 2018 Pam Turner Memorial Championship and Open Show is a filled to capacity 2 ring show. With two great judges, Willette Brown and Susan Jones-Sinelnik, the show is going to be a successful and fun-filled event.

And to help celebrate our 25th anniversary, every competitor will get a voucher for a free breakfast or lunch!


Celebrating YOU!

Join us in honoring you and your equine partner!

ECRDA is offering more medals and awards to honor your hard achievements:

For the Bronze Medal you need 6 scores of 60% or better at any training level test.

 For the Silver Medal you need 2 scores of 60% or better at any first level test, plus 2 scores of 60% or better at any second level test. 

 For the Gold Medal two you need 2 scores of 60% or better at any third level test, plus two scores of 60% or better at any 4th level test.

Two scores of 60% or better at Prix St. George’s plus two scores of 60% or better at any Intermediate Test will earn the new Platinum Award!

 Also new for this year two scores of 60% or better at Grand Prix will earn the new Diamond Award

Thank you for being a part of the

East Coast Regional Dressage Association family.

Looking forward to seeing you at the shows!


Check our 2018 Calendar for upcoming shows!
Ride Times for USEF/USDF ECRDA Show on June 23rd is Now Loaded

*** USEF/USDF Shows Run By ECRDA Now Count Toward Year End Awards!! ***



To qualify for a Western Dressage Year End Award, you must be a member of ECRDA when you entered the classes. You must have shown in three different shows under three different judges. Western Dressage Class scores earned in ECRDA only count for ECRDA year end awards. ECRDA is not affiliated with any other organization for Western Dressage. The rules and regulations for ECRDA will adhere to Western Dressage classes. Licenses and certified dressage judges must be used.


"East Coast Regional Dressage Association - Making a Difference"


Thank you all for your support of our USDF/USEF recognized shows.
What a success we had. Already planning ahead for next year.


The 2017 show calendar is now posted.

Click HERE.



Current Dressage Tests are posted

As of April 1, 2013, protective headgear is now required by all riders at all levels,
whether warming up or in the show ring.

USEF has modified the rules for attire for Level 1 USDF/USEF competitions,
allowing for colored shirts and breeches and making jackets optional.
ECRDA has approved these changes for schooling shows. Read more here.

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